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如何成為賽事見習學員 – 晉升機會 完成基礎課程的學員,若在所有科目均獲評及格,而且品行良好,將獲考慮受聘為見習策騎員,或成為見習騎師學員,又或馬術事務助理等,接受進一步訓練。 指派追隨練馬師,學習騎術和馬房管理 • 接受學術及馬匹訓練課程 • 獲派
Sports and Leisure Attendant 體育及康樂服務員
I declare that all information given in this employment application are true and accurate, and authorize The Hong Kong Jockey Club to retain the information for recruitment purposes. I understand and acknowledge that if I provide any false or incorrect information
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Jobs in The Hong Kong Jockey Club
84 Jobs Matched from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Membership Retail Shop Concierge (Sales) – Happy Valley Clubhouse The Hong Kong Jockey Club – 3-19 yr(s) 2021-01-29
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香港賽馬會飲食部 全方位培訓 提升專業餐飲水平 作為本地最大的僱主之一,香港賽馬會一直致力吸納優秀人才,並提供全面的學習和發展機會,涵蓋企業在職培訓,資助進修計劃,自學計劃以至網上學習。培訓內容除了關於工作知識和技能之外,還包括
HKJC X CEA Vice Chairman 奉旨獲廣東省體育局邀請成為廣東省馬術協會副會長 – GURU IR X Fintech
The Club has a unique integrated business model, comprising racing and racecourse entertainment, a membership club, responsible sports wagering and lottery, and charities and community contribution. Through this model, the Club generates economic and social value for the community and supports the Government in combatting illegal gambling.
HKJC X CEA Vice Chairman 奉旨獲廣東省體育局邀請成為廣東省馬術協會副會長 – GURU IR X Fintech
HK Jockey Club 香港賽馬會 Executive Manager 收入
收入: “Executive Manager(年資 10年以上): 月收入 HKD~$220,000 – all inclusive package” – Anonymous – 29.7.2017 工時合理: “正常日子:9:00am – 7:00pm 繁忙日子:always” – Anonymous – 29.7.2017 晉升前景: “Not much“– Anonymous – 29.7
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Hong Kong Jockey Club Interview Questions
17/6/2016 · Application I applied online. I interviewed at Hong Kong Jockey Club. Interview The Interview Process is quite interactive so to speak but at the same time, it is also kind of lengthy. Overall it’s pleasant, informative and eye-opening. It’s a very positive experience.
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Horse Racing
Racing Section Homepage provides the latest event information, racing news, race meeting reminder, featured races and events at the Racecourses. CEO Blog Anticipation and excitement soars as Golden Sixty headlines a glamour meeting at Sha Tin The Hong
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The Charities Trust
Annual Donation Over the past decade, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust has donated an average of HK$3.7 billion a year to the community. In 2019/20, its total approved donations were HK$4.5 billion, benefiting 210 charity and community projects.
每日更新足球焦點大戰,圖文並茂;精選名家提供球賽分析,賽果預測;球賽入球精華,每周更新 智利大學作客力「保」 3分 哥甘保上場以1比0擊敗艾斯賓路拿,取得重要勝仗
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